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Exciting opportunities as Smiths Gore launch a number of fishing rights in . . .

  Smiths Gore’s Taunton office is launching on to the market double bank fishing rights on the River Thrushel near Lifton, Devon. Approximately 690 metres are available running upstream from Tinhay Weir to the junction with the River Wolf. There are a further 223 metres of single bank fishing rights...
Date: 16 Apr 2014

Innovative agricultural enterprise

  Smiths Gore’s Exeter office is launching a 437.85 acre commercial farm in Dartington, just outside Totnes in South Devon. Old Parsonage Farm is available to let on a 20 year Farm Business Tenancy from October 2014.   Old Parsonage Farm presents a unique opportunity to undertake a pioneering...
Date: 15 Apr 2014

Important changes to agricultural buildings will make it a criminal offence. . .

  July 2014 sees important changes to the permitted quality of agricultural buildings in the UK.  “This change will make it a criminal offence to supply non ‘CE’ marked frames for the construction of buildings”, warns Alan Tresidder of Smiths Gore’s Truro office.  This...
Date: 11 Apr 2014

Farmland Market Quarterly Report 1Q2014

The Smiths Gore Farmland Market Model shows that land values are still robust and have remained at the same record levels as those seen at the end of last year. As we head into the Spring market, we anticipate that the lack of supply of land on the market will continue to be a key driver in land values. Please click  here to download our latest report.
Date: 10 Apr 2014

Early degression for biomass schemes below 1MW likely and imminent

  The latest report from Ofgem, issued on 1 April, has confirmed that Commercial Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) rates will remain the same for the next 3 months, increasing only by inflation. Henry Grant, renewables specialist at Smiths Gore, forecasts that the RHI rates are likely to decrease (degress)...
Date: 08 Apr 2014

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